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  • "Sunle"

    Pleasure is still keep warm in "the good faith for this, the quality stand this" strategy, successively obtained ISO quality system certification, keep the contract heavy credit enterprise of henan province.

    "Baby bear"

    Bears warm baby is Xinyang Nuclear Industry Hengda company's brand a warm paste , continuous 12 hours to release more than 50 ° heat , one that is hot , environmental pollution。


    Nuclear believed to be the earliest engaged in the development of the disposable heating products brand in mainland China, is take a warm industry leading brand in China。

    About Us
        Desiccant Factory of Nuclear Industry Hengda Inc. (the domestic largest self-heating product manufacturer) is a military company which provides productive specialization of various kinds of warm pads. Our main products are Sunle warm pads, hand warmers, foot warmers, abdomen warmers, food heaters, medical heaters, disposable ice bags, reusable ice bags and OEM products. ......

    Quality Assurance
    Military enterprise Technology leader!
    Fine selection of quality raw materials for iron
    Selection of high-purity iron and native carbon, heavy metal content is lower than the national standard, after use can also planted flowers !
    Warm benzene posted more health and safety
    The medical use of green glue , sticky only strong, but no benzene , no harm to the body , you can be assured .
    Twelve hours long heating thermostat
    Products, materials and full featured high-purity iron , while the material science of particle size have been estimated ratio, heat stable , moderate temperatures.
    China's first warm paste production enterprise
    The Chinese own national brand, trustworthy, honored by hengda military enterprise, passed the ISO9001 certification.
    National Distribution Department

    Address: Hengda Industrial Park,Lake East Office,,Xinyang,Henan
    Beibeixiong Flagship store(Tmall)

    Address:XIXHIZHAO district,XinJi Road,Jinshui,Zhengzhou,Henan
    Hexin Flagship store(Tmall)

    Address:XIXHIZHAO district,XinJi Road,Jinshui,Zhengzhou,Henan
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    Hotline:400-619-6099 Address:Jinshen Road 101,Xinyang,Henan